Fountain of Youth

According to legend, the Spanish heard of Bimini from the Arawaks in Hispaniola, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. The Caribbean islanders described a mythical land of Beimeni or Beniny (whence Bimini), a land of wealth and prosperity, which became conflated with the fountain legend. By the time of Ponce de Leon, the land was thought to be located northwest towards the Bahamas (called la Viejaduring the Ponce expedition). The natives were probably referring to the Maya. This land also became confused with the Boinca or Boyuca mentioned by Juan de Solis, although Solis's navigational data placed it in the Gulf of Honduras. It was this Boinca that originally held a legendary fountain of youth, rather than Bimini itself. Sequene, an Arawak chief from Cuba, purportedly was unable to resist the lure of Bimini and its restorative fountain. He gathered a troupe of adventurers and sailed north, never to return. Source Wikipedia



Although Ponce de Leon most likely never set foot on Bimini, but instead trekked thru the wilderness of Florida, a venture that eventually found him on the losing end of a native Indian weapon, causing wound that eventually killed him on his return to Cuba.

The lure of his expedition searching for Bimini, although as indicated, probably was not in Bahamas, still have nowadays Bimini complete with their own Fountain of Youth nearby the airport on South Bimini.

Many visitors find the infinity pool at the Resort World Bimini (Bimini Bay) to have more rejuvenating power, Ponce de Leon would most certainly agree... 


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