Our History

Bimini ferry started operating service to Bimini from a small terminal in Miami River in 2006. The service was operating with a sturdy former coastal passenger ferry from Norway, capably of rough conditions, and transporting our travelers from dock to dock in just over three and one half hours. The vessel, the Bimini Breeze was wildly popular with tourists and locals alike, as it served a dual purpose of passenger transport and serving the islands light cargo demand, being an ideal combination for travelers and, Bimini merchant and private shoppers.

At the time the Island was expanding its torism base that thus far had been limited to the casual fishermen and weekend worriers that ventured across the gulfstream in their small vessels. The advent of the posh Bimini Bay resort promised a steady stream of traveler. The early result showed however that we were a bit optimistic on the timing, and that the traffic could not be sustained on a yearly basis so early in the build out. The Bimini Breeze departed for other opportunities in Honduras and Panama.

Our past customers and nearly 300,000 web customers repeatedly asked for a repeat of the service over the years.

Fast forward to now, and we can in cooperation with Bimini Superfast offer travel packages to Bimini again, with hotel or cottage stay, with additional offerings such as ecotourism and snorkeling and diving to be added. We have partnered up with our trusted contacts to offer you Bahamas from a time gone bay, but with all the comfort and amenities of  today’s vacation expectations, still sans any “tourist trap feel”.

With our cruise partners we can also offer two days mini cruises to Gran Bahama Island.

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